General rental conditions


1 – PROVISION OF – RESTITUTION. The vehicle is available to the tenant at the lessor’s office. Written agreement of the lessor, it is returned to the same place. All expenses incurred by the lessor to repatriate the vehicle returned to another location, without his consent, will be borne by the tenant. The return of the vehicle, its keys and documents only means stopping the rental. The tenant must pay the rental amount until the vehicle is returned. The refund will be made during the station’s opening hours. In case of non-reimbursement during office hours, the tenant will not take custody of the vehicle until the next opening of the agency, which is the time when the contract expires. He is responsible for theft or damage to the vehicle. Unless expressly authorized by the owner, failure to return to the scheduled return date exposes the lessee to a process for misappropriation of the vehicle and abuse of trust.

2 – VEHICLE STATUS. The vehicle is delivered to the tenant in apparent good condition and body, with the exception of damages reported in the document given to this contract. No qualifications are to be formulated at the time supported and must be mentioned in the contract. The tenant agrees to return the vehicle in the condition in which it was issued. Specific damages to return, not reported on the contract, will be charged to the lessee, without prejudice to the provisions of article 7.

3 – DOCUMENTS. The vehicle is equipped with all materials, equipment and accessories required by the highway code, tax and transport regulation laws. If all documents and equipment, and keys are not returned upon expiration of the lease, it continues to operate until the production by the lessee of an official certificate of loss, recovery of costs or remaining at a Bear discount. state.

4 – CUSTODY AND USE. From taking over the position until the vehicle is returned, the renter has complete control and responsibility, whether in traffic or parked. In general, the tenant agrees to use the vehicle in a good manner and include: – It is not that the authorized driver whose name appears in the contract will allow him to drive it, – It is not that he will drive it in cleaning the roads, – Do not participate in any race, meeting, testing, preparation or driving on the circuit, and no competition of any kind, – Not to be used for illegal or immoral purposes or not intended by the manufacturer, – Not to be used for pushing, pulling or tow another vehicle, – Do not drive under the influence of alcohol or under the influence of absorbed elements that alter the reflexes necessary for driving. – It is not the person to carry out the transport or goods for the reward, – It is not to use it for driving lessons, – To use it in accordance with traffic rules, regulations, uses, and in general legal and regulatory provisions, – To keep the vehicle protected from a thief and (or) any other means available to prevent its theft, outside the periods of use while having the keys in your possession.

5 – MAINTENANCE – TIRE REPAIR – The lessee agrees to return a vehicle in good condition, to make repairs, replace parts or tires resulting from normal wear. He challenges the vehicle’s use and maintenance manual. The tenant agrees to comply with the requirements. The tenant agrees to keep it in good condition and above all to check the water, oil and fluid levels and tire pressure, add antifreeze, as necessary. Repairs, exchange of parts or supplies resulting from abnormal wear, negligence or accidental cause remain the responsibility of the renter, except to prove that a third party is responsible. The lessor will be notified of any anomaly to define by common agreement the conditions for continuing the lease or recovery. In any case, the lessee cannot carry out any intervention on the vehicle or repair it without the prior formal consent of the owner. In the event of failure of one of the tires, other than normal wear, the tenant agrees to replace it with a tire of the same brand and substantially equal wear.

6 – FUEL. Fuel is the responsibility of the tenant. Unless otherwise agreed, the vehicle comes full tank and must be returned. If you do not do so, the lessee will cause the service to be completed in full. Fuel and service price will be invoiced according to the rate.

7 – INSURANCE. The owner has taken out insurance that guarantees mandatory liability for personal injuries or material damage to third parties, in accordance with legal provisions.

7.1) Flight – a fire or damage to the renter of the vehicle ♦ Conditions of application of the excess In case of theft, fire or damage to the vehicle, equipment or accessory, the lessee’s liability is limited: – The deductible for damages indicated in the contract, – Or, the amount of compensation if is below the damage deductible. In the event that the landlord would be compensated for the cost of the damage by a responsible third party, the tenant will be reimbursed the deductible amount under no deduction repair fees remain borne by the tenant. ♦ Exclusions The lessee will be responsible for the full amount of compensation, or the market value of the vehicle in the following cases: – Driving the vehicle by a person whose name does not appear in this contract as an authorized driver, – Deliberate damage or as result of gross negligence, or after gross negligence, – Driving with a blood alcohol level higher than the legal limit or under the influence of absorbed elements that alter the reflexes necessary for driving, – Damage to vehicles, tires and rims , except to prove that they are not due to their fault or negligence, – Error in the type of fuel, – Damage arising after the date specified in the contract for the return of the vehicle,

The vehicle is insured only for the duration of the lease agreement specified in the contract. After this time, and if the extension is not accepted, the tenant accepts no responsibility for accidents that the tenant may have caused and for which he will be personally responsible.

7.2) Declaration theft, fire or damage In the event of an accident, injury, fire (even partial), or theft of vehicles, the tenant will ensure to take or take some measure for the detection of crime, the preservation of evidence and vehicle protection. In case of theft, you will complain to the police or gendarmerie authorities upon discovery. The lease will end upon delivery of the vehicle reported stolen. In the event of an accident, a friendly car accident will be filed, even in the absence of an identified third party. Please remember that this statement must describe the facts and report the circumstances. It should not lead to a transaction regarding the tenant’s responsibilities. Finally, the landlord will be notified within 24 hours, except on Sundays and holidays, unless duly justified impossibility.

8 – Price – DEPOSIT RULES – The rental amount and security deposit are determined by the rates. The tenant pays the lessor, at the latest, at the time of ownership of the vehicle: – The amount of the deposit requested, – The estimated cost of the rental, calculated from the daily rate and the expected duration of the rental. The final rent, calculated at the end of the rent paid, will consider the provisional payment. means rental for periods of 24 hours. The tenant has the duty of one hour after the rental. Additionally, a new day is loaded. By express agreement, double the specified deposit amount is attributed to the lessor on any property of the amounts owed by the lessee to the lessor in the event: – Non-payment of rent, – Damage or loss of the vehicle according to with the cases provided for in article 7, – Non-return of the vehicle, except in cases of force majeure and after notice. End of the rental, payment of sums owed by the tenant must intervene to return the vehicle. Otherwise, after payment notification was unsuccessful for a period of eight days, you must pay the lessor, in addition to the repeatable remuneration and late payment interest, a benefit set at 20% of the amounts due, as a clause of penalty. If the tenant pays the amounts due to him, it will be returned upon delivery of the vehicle.

9 – CAPITAL. Failure to comply with the rules listed in articles 4.5 and 7 of this contract when the vehicle is immobilized will probably result in the billing of an amount calculated from the daily rental price and the number of days of immobilization, but may not exceed to 30 days.

10 – Duration of the contract – EXTENSION – BREAKDOWN. The lease is granted for a specified period of time in front. Without refund to the scheduled return date, unless the owner has prior consent, the owner reserves the right to take the vehicle wherever it is and the tenant fees without the latter benefiting from an unjustified dismissal of the rental contract.

10.1) Extension The tenant must ask the landlord for an extension of the lease contract, accompanied by a supplement, on the deposit and the rental cost of that extension. The lessor reserves the right to reject the extension of the lease contract without any compensation to the lessee, with the obligation to immediately return the vehicle.

10.2) Early termination of the contract: The owner reserves the right to immediately and automatically suspend the rental without compensation if the tenant does not comply with one of the essential obligations of this contract, in particular, the conditions of use of the vehicle, payment of the rental or the conditions of return.

11 – FINES – CONTRAVENTIONS. The renter and the authorized driver are responsible for fines, tickets and reports drawn up against them and which are legally in their care. They agree to pay the landlord any costs resulting therefrom, including confiscation costs, if he was obliged to do so in advance.

12 – COMPETITION. Express agreement and subject to mandatory legislation in force? The Commercial Court to which the company’s office will have exclusive jurisdiction over any relationship with this contract with persons who have the status of merchant. The owner may, however, waive the benefits of this attribution of jurisdiction clause that he stipulates in his favor. In this case, disputes will be brought before the courts with territorial jurisdiction under common law.

• To sign a lease for a 50cc scooter: You must be a minimum of 16 years old and accompanied by an adult over 18 years of age to sign the lease with you.

• To drive a 125 cc scooter or motorcycle you must be at least 21 years of age and have had a license for at least 3 years.

• The limit of kilometers per day is 200 kilometers, if you exceed this limit, you will be charged 0.15 percent per km.

• The rental period is extended for 24 hours, the tenant receives a passing period of a maximum of 1 hour, beyond that, a new day will be charged.

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Insurance prices per day


50 cc automatic
  • 1 day = 78 €
  • 2 days = 125 €
  • 3 days = 140 €
  • 4 days = 170 €
  • 5 days = 190 €


50 cc automatic
  • 1 day = 92 €
  • 2 days = 130 €
  • 3 days = 150 €
  • 4 days = 180 €
  • 5 days = 210 €


50 cc automatic
  • 1 day = 105 €
  • 2 days = 140 €
  • 3 days = 180 €
  • 4 days = 210 €
  • 5 days = 260 €